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    How to donate. 

It is SO easy to help out!
Just fill out the form below & click Donate.
We accept all credit cards! 
It's that easy!
Support Girls' Education

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

The donation will directly deposit into the Eileen Murphy account at JPMorgan Chase Bank. There are no fees for processing your donation. 

Did you know that there is another way you can donate to our Foundation - and double your investment?

If your company is partnered with Benevity, they could match your donation, plus 100% more. $350 can become $1050!  Ask your company's charitable manager if they are partnered with Benevity.

Click here to learn more about Benevity!

If you, a loved one, family member or friend works for Qualcomm :

Qualcomm Charitable Foundation is also matching any donation made in the name of the Eileen Murphy Foundation. 

We thank Qualcomm for their charity!

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